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  3. "The area dividing the brain and the soul is affected in many ways by experience — Some lose all mind and become soul: insane. Some lose all soul and become mind: intellectual. Some lose both and become: accepted."
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  4. The things I do so I don’t think of him

    I’m fkn tired. I don’t like this lifestyle. I want to be ok with just being home &&& in bed. I love my bed.

  5. This little angel, you can’t help but be happy. It just sucks when I don’t have him with me. Baby Benji.


  6. I don’t believe

    I don’t believe in love. I don’t believe in love anymore.


  7. "

    you will find someone,
    who won’t sigh at words like commitment,
    and whose jaw won’t clench, when you ask them to stay.

    you will spit out the word ‘love’ so often,
    that it will follow water down the drain and into the earth,
    and you’ll see your work shining on the pavement.

    you will be able to make your rent,
    and still have a few bucks left over to waste on this month’s boyfriend;
    waste it on yourself.

    you will believe in something so deeply,
    that it alone will be enough to make your feet touch the hardwood floor every morning.

    you’ll laugh at all the moments, which at the time, made you feel as if there was nothing to live for, the moments where tomorrow’s chances of occurring, seemed slim to none.

    the thoughts that lied in between your hair and the pillow sheets will finally reach your reality. And every tear stained, broken hearted, night;
    will have been worth it.

    Wait for it.


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